All In Represents is a group of curated artists and visual story tellers. We have a shared passion for people, art and connecting the two.  We believe in working hard and having fun while doing it. We are grateful for all of the talented people we get to know  and love in the creative community and we are thankful to be able to wake up every day doing what we love. 

All In was founded by Cali Alberico, who after 10+ years of being an Art Producer deep in the agency-side of the Advertising community, realized that her biggest passion of all was to collaborate with artists she believed in and help push their careers, passions, dreams and goals forward by guiding them personally and professionally. Always a believer in people first, Cali curated a roster of truly inspirational, talented, genuine artists and dove head-first into this side of the industry.


Office 212 343 3037


Cali Alberico:

Mobile 609 203 3526 

Email cali@allinrepresents.com


Matt Coogan:

Mobile 917 686 8914

Email matt@allinrepresents.com