River Jordan lives to tell stories!

At this point in his career, he’s as comfortable hanging out of a helicopter as he is 50 feet under water. His projects range from insightful stories of the human spirit to rich landscapes found at the far corners of the world. 

So much of his love for adventure comes from a move his family made to living full time on a sailboat when he was 12. This 3-year-trip throughout Central America proved to change his point of view forever and solidified his life as a traveler. 

He prides his work on chasing the human story, getting close to people in a short amount of time with a goal of capturing something greater about their lives. River’s love for team work, fresh challenges, and storytelling has led him to collaborate with some of the worlds most recognizable brands. 

He currently calls Austin, Texas home with his wife Rose and his son Ace. 



Visit River's portfolio site at http://riverjordan.com/

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